Sliding Glass Door Hardware: When and How a Door Handle Needs to be Replaced

Posted by Leslie Sumpter

As far as it is known, sliding glass doors are so popular nowadays only due to their ability to make the house more attractive from inside and outside. These doors are usually installed in the back portions, side portions, and the patio of a house. Most of people are sure that they are not safe and secure enough because they are made of glass. To some extent, they are right, but even a sliding glass door can be extremely secure and safe if equipped with the right locks.

Unfortunately, sliding door hardware tends to wear quickly and in time you'll need to deal with serious repairs. Certain problems can happen to a sliding glass door handle already in a few years. At first, you'll notice that this hardware piece doesn't function in a proper way. By the way, handle problems mainly occur with patio doors which have been used for a long time. The handle and latch mechanism is durable enough and doesn't break easily. There is an advantage in all this story - the sliding door handle is easy to replace.

After you have understood what problem has happened to this article of sliding glass door hardware, you can start looking for a proper replacement. The best places for doing it are hardware shops that offer all types of handles for you to meet any sort of your requirements and needs. The cost of handles varies depending on a few factors: quality, material and functionality. If you have found it too difficult to find the ideal handle for your door in this shop, go online where you'll quickly find a number of websites selling this sort of sliding glass door hardware. Most of online shops offer specialty catalogs you're going to find helpful. Consider buying glass door handles that contain some wood.

Why do you need to replace your sliding door handle? Well, there're two main reasons: it is broken or malfunctioning. This is easy to notice even for a child. How can it be repaired? In two possible ways: with the help of an experienced expert or on your own. As it was already mentioned, it's a rather easy task that doesn't require any special skills. So, if you are going to do it yourself, at first, you'll need to remove the old handle by pulling it from the door. It's a really efficient method. Then, you'll need to take exact measurements to purchase a correct handle in a shop. Go to the shop with these measurements and you will be able to find an ideal handle very easily.

So, to choose a proper door handle you'll have to take the following measurements: door thickness, the distance between the holes on the door and the desired style of a new door handle depending on its jamb. Try to do your best to take the correct measurements, don't miss a point. It's a very easy task to take measurements on the sliding doors made of glass.

Choosing a sliding glass door handle, try to avoid old variants or these that have been in use. Be sure to buy an upgraded handle. It's a wise decision to buy a handle with knobs as they are easy to use and have high quality. Try to learn which sliding glass door handles are the most popular nowadays to make your door trendy.

No matter what pieces of sliding glass door hardware you're buying, be sure to purchase it from a reputed manufacturer that offers warranty. If necessary, call professionals in the repair of screen, handles, or locks.