Simplify Your Life With A Pet Door

Posted by Leslie Sumpter

Usually, when we come home after a hard working day in the office where we used to make lots of accomplishments, the only desire we have is rest and comfort. But reality is not always so understanding to us and what we may see is a pile of our dog's wastes in the middle of a new Persian carpet and hundreds of deep scratches in the door's painted surface. If this situation is well-known to you, you may consider yourself lucky to read this article as it will offer you a good solution to your problem.

When you go to work your dog is left restricted in four walls and has nothing to do and especially nowhere to relieve itself. And remember the dog is locked for at least eight hours. Would you be able to bear this period of time without visiting a toilet? Well, the best way to simplify your life and the life of your dog is by getting a pet door and a specially designed fence which will provide your dog with an exit whenever he needs to go out. Such a pet door will open the way to your yard where the dog will be able to go for a pee and poo.

Apart from an opportunity to make number one and two, pet doors will give your dog enough freedom and place to walk around your house while you're away. And what about the damage that can be caused by dogs while their owners are away. You can forget about your new sofa and armchairs. So, purchasing and installing a pet door is really a great idea. However, when choosing a pet door for your dog you're recommended to consider the following aspects:

Your Pet's Size:

It's very important to take the right measurements of your pet before shopping for the proper size of a pet door. In this way, you should measure your pet's height and width. You should also consider your pet's breed. If your dog is large, select a pet door that will be suitable for your dog even when it grows up. The same concerns cats if you're going to purchase a cat door.

Thickness of the Necessary Pet Door:

In addition to the size of your pet, it's also necessary to know the thickness of the pet door or wall frame in which the future pet door will be installed. This measurement should suit your specific dog. High-rate pet doors including cat doors should also have an instruction manual from the manufacturer by following of which you will be able to install it in a proper way.

There are different types of Pet Doors. They are as follows:

Pet Doors made of Metal are rather heavy, thus, protective and stable.

Pet Doors made of Plastic are the cheapest ones but, unfortunately, not very sturdy. It's recommended to get these pet doors for the dogs of smaller breeds.

Magnetic Pet Doors work with the help of magnets which are used to open the pet door. The magnet is attached to the pet's collar that prevents other animals from getting into your house.

Infrared and Electronic Pet Doors will offer enough freedom to your pet at the same time keeping other animals outside your house. These doors automatically unbolt if a cat or a dog walks through an infrared or magnetic key attached to this pet's collar. This type of Pet Doors is highly appreciated for its reliability. le pet doors. It's programmed in such a way to open through an infrared signal that is released by the collar on the pet. In comparison with magnetic pet doors, infrared pet doors apply a programmed code that is specially designed for your pet's collar only and the pet door. you may be sure that having an infrared pet door in your house, no other pet will enter it.

Sliding Glass Pet Doors are often called Patio Panel Pet Doors. These doors are probably the most convenient ones in terms of installation. The top of this door is spring loaded and everything you'll need to do is to insert it into your patio door opening.

Another type of pet doors is known as an Extreme Weather Per Door. This pet door is especially good for people living in the area that is characterized by harsh weather conditions. It's a three-flap pet door that can resist too low and high temperatures and keep them away from your house. And at the same time, these doors will provide your pet with freedom to leave the house. This door has excellent design and is energy efficient. This pet door is 3? times higher than traditional single-flap pet doors.

Summing up, it's important to emphasize the fact that with a correctly chosen pet door you will certainly improve your life and save much of your time and nerves. And what is the most important is that your pet will always feel free and happy!